Pay Monthly

Take easy, baby steps by choosing a fixed plan amount to keep aside with Ratnalaya Jewellers every month.

Our Contribution

A fixed installment for 10 months will get you a special discount of 70% of first installment paid.


You can redeem by purchasing jewellery of your choice, either at our stores or online

Frequently Asked questions

To start your GTS you need to set aside at least Rs.2000 every month. There is no maximum limit. In case if the overall scheme value exceeds 2 Lakhs, monthly instal- ment payment will be made by card / Neft / cheque (with subject to change as per government norms )

You can purchase any Diamond Jewellery/Gem- stone/Platinum/Plain Gold Jewellery. But you can’t pur- chase Gold coins, Loose Diamonds,Gift cards using GTS balance.

You are required to provide a copy of his/her photo ID Proof like Adhar Card/ Ration Card/ Passport/ Driving li- cense/ Pan card/ Voter ID at the time of enrolment into GTS account.

No. Anybody above 18 years of age is eligible for enrollment. GTS account cannot be opened in the name of a HUF account or company name.

Yes, you can withdraw your contribution at any time. But if you withdraw your contribution you will only get back your principal amount and there will be no contribution from Ratnalaya Jewellers.

No, you will not be able to change the monthly amount in between the instalments.

No. You can’t purchase Gold coins using GTS Balance. However, for example, if you open an account of Rs 10,000. You will have Rs 1,07,000 for redemption. In this 1,07,000 – you can buy as many products as you want. It can be – 1 Gold chain, 1 Platinum ring and 1 Diamond Ear- ring. No limit on the no of products.

In case of a 15 day return, the customer won’t get the Ratnalaya contribution amount.

In case of 15 day exchange, the customer will be able to use Ratnalaya contribution used in the previous order. This balance will remain in your account till the end of 12th month. If no purchase is made with GTS balance, we will refund your contribution to your bank account ( You won’t get Ratnalaya contribution of 70% )