Platinum Redefining Elegance

The kaleidoscopic culture, traditions, and festivities of our nation is the mirror of India that celebrates the joys and festivities of life with near and dear ones and create memories that are eternal.
We in India believe that every girl/woman is a goddess reincarnated and brings with her happiness and prosperity and deserves to look her best during this season.
The air gets a buzz with excitement and anticipation as we count down the days to the festive. The New clothes are purchased, the sweets have been decided and your mothers are just spinning over the cleaning spree.
Now all that’s left is to look your dazzling best with Ratnalaya Jewellers that brings to you an exquisite Platinum collection and breathtaking Diamond danglers to add a dash of beauty with a pinch of sparkle to this festive season:

Drop Earrings

The majestic and scintillating diamond jewelry have always ruled the hearts of Indian women and global fashion trends. Feminine and Festive, these earrings offer a sparkling look and feel. These diamond earrings by Ratnalaya have an antique flair to it. The scrollwork pattern is adorned with a dozen sparkling, diamond stones. The elegant designs,  are assured to make you a little shinier and trendier.
Platinum earrings add elegant panache to your visage and pair well with almost any ensemble. Show them off in their entire beauty with a stylish updo or wear your hair loose.

Platinum Necklaces

We love the delicate details and motifs of these platinum necklaces. These are perfect to pair with an ornate lehenga or gown, as they add the right touch of classic, subdued elegance. The floral and fancy motifs are intricately carved, making these pieces sheer objects of joy that will never lose their shape or luster over the years.

There are few things that match up to the sophistication that the pairing of platinum and diamond offers. This Platinum Necklace is poised to ignite your soul and create fireworks all around you! An elegant necklace can change your entire look, be it office or ethnic wear, get yours today!

Platinum Ring

There is something about the statement rings that it never goes out of style. Just like the fireworks lit up with this Platinum ring. It is assured to ignite the spark within you and add a rush of shine. It is a perfect gift for your loved one, giving them yet another reason to glee in this season of festivities yet keeping up with the trends. If your festival, casual or office look is tasteful and glamorous but you still wish to keep the bling on point, then this is the jewelry piece we would suggest.

Stud Earrings

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and these pairs of platinum earrings will ensure that your look never goes out of style. Add these to your accessories wardrobe as a contrast to heavier dangling creations. Whether it is a pair of fifty-pointer solitaire earrings or an intricate pair of platinum studs, we offer a pair for all your moods and looks.No outfit can be complete without earrings that draw admiring compliments.

Offering an intricate etched and ornate design that is created keeping in mind the Indian traditions and trends. This Stud Earring is a must-have this festive season. If you are planning to wear a silk saree or casual attire, these gorgeous earrings are a great add-on.

It will make every eyeball that turns towards you, worth the second look!

So, this festive season when you are willing to gift yourself dazzling, exquisite and intricate jewelry, or present something special to your beloved then all that is needed is to make your way to the nearest Ratnalaya Store.

Diamond- Your sparkling best friend for life.

There is no doubt that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They add sparkle to any attire and accentuate its glamour. The kind of jewellery you wear tells a lot about your persona. The best way to commemorate an everlasting relationship and to elevate your style, add a diamond here, add a diamond there.

The bling of a diamond adds to your outfit a touch of class which speaks for you. Diamonds are essentials which are super expressive in their form. They manifest one’s traditional manners, style and social skills. Donning the right jewellery exhibits how well you know yourself and how you will stand out.

Class or luxury, it comes in all designs to fulfil your fashionista’s needs.

Your Everyday Wear

In everyday life, every woman should own elegant diamond jewellery which doesn’t overdo her looks for ‘less is more’. It adds a little charm to her attire and decks her up at the same time.

Your 9 to 5 Wear

A pair of fine diamond earrings would be a perfect fit for the daily office goers. It will doll you up and give a finishing touch to your looks. An elegant and affordable pair would not only highlight your sense of dressing up but will also give you confidence.

Parties & Weddings

On special occasions of wedding and parties, diamond vindicates their presence. A diamond when worn right flaunts extravagant appearance and refinement. The diamonds show lavishness and opulence.

Your Perfect Gifting Option

In the wide range of diamonds that we have on earth, there is always something for everyone. When choosing a gift for your partner, go for something that compliments her personality and goes with her favourite hue.

A diamond is forever. They are self-explanatory when nested together with the perfect outfit. You can play around with your jewels and mix and match with the right outfits.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift!

A one-year anniversary is a memorable affair

milestone. While, yes, one year is just the beginning, this is a major marriage marker on the very first wedding anniversary.

A little box can hide the most remarkable gift, like earrings, bracelets, rings or a necklace.

Like your marriage and love story, that gift of jewelry nestled in the small box should be one-of-a-kind, too. Custom design the perfect gift that celebrates those 365 days and captures the fire and heart of your marriage with our amazing sparkling one-year anniversary gifts.

Different shapes of a diamond

Diamond Stud And Dangler Earrings

Our Diamond earrings are a wardrobe staple that can be worn every day! Choose the cut, color, and size that you want to create your ideal look and gift! The shape of those diamonds also helps to create a unique style;  pear and oval stud earrings can work vertically or horizontally. If you prefer a vintage-inspired design, choose shapes like emerald, cushion or Asscher.

Diamond dangler

Diamond stud


Reminiscent of the day you said your vows, an anniversary ring symbolizes the unending love you share. Anniversary rings are often given on milestone years, such as your 10th or 20th, but are a beautiful gesture for any year.

The gift of an anniversary ring is as versatile as it gets. Choosing an eternity band is a sparkling symbol of commitment, while a ring that has the same number of diamond or gemstone accents as years you have been married is a thoughtful reflection of your journey together. Selecting our love band will coordinate with his/her engagement ring while the wedding band allows him/her to wear it as a chic ring stack, while a ring of a different style can adorn his/her right hand. However you wear it, an anniversary ring is a gorgeous and sentimental gift. Hence, we offer an exquisite range of wedding rings


A necklace is a classic anniversary present that she can wear every day. A pendant in the shape of a heart or infinity sign is a meaningful gift, while a diamond pendant is a timeless choice.

If you want to personalize the gift, consider selecting a necklace with a center gemstone that is meaningful to you and your spouse.  Keep in mind what precious metal your spouse wears most often- as we offer platinum, white, yellow and rose gold.A necklace is a wonderful anniversary gift, as the options are almost limitless. You can even start a tradition of giving her a new necklace for each anniversary, so her collection grows in unison with your life together.

Gold Jewelry

The first year anniversary is the sweetest — a couple’s probably still in the honeymoon phase and all is right with their world.Our range of simple gold necklace and bracelet for her, or maybe with a charm bracelet you can add with the signature gem for subsequent anniversaries and other significant events in your life together. For him, a gold necklace or ring or cuff links or men’s wristlet, rings, chains or so on.

Other Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

That covers the milestone anniversaries, which are the ones where people most commonly purchase jewelry. However, there are plenty of other anniversary jewelry ideas for couples who just want to get something meaningful but don’t necessarily want to go by the list.

Making your Jewels safe with our Free Jewellery Insurance !

One of the most inherited forms of movable assets is jewellery. It can be inherited gold jewellery sets passed down as the family heirloom or a solitaire gifted by your beloved on your special days. Jewellery articles are everybody’s prized possession be it financially or emotionally. Everybody has their sentiments attached to it. To take care of their jewellery one stays cautious all the time. The value of our jewellery is worth the weight in gold, literally!

With Ratnalaya’s jewellery insurance policy, your most precious possession is covered.

Safeguarding your jewellery is a must. To keep your precious and most loved jewellery in safe hands, one cannot trust bank lockers anymore as they do not guarantee its safety. With the RBI saying, “banks have no liability for loss of valuables in lockers”, it becomes evident.

Ratnalaya Jewellers’ insurance policy is always a good idea when it comes to securing your jewellery. There can be a lot of scenarios and unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control. The answer to every doubt is insurance. With Ratnalaya’s Insurance policy you can wear your pride freely with peace of mind.

Ratnalaya guarantees you one-year free jewellery insurance on the day of purchase itself, be it gold or heavily stone studded jewellery articles. We got your back. We understand how important they are for you. This preciousness has an untold story behind them and we understand how emotionally attached you are to it. At Ratnalaya, we respect that connection. We not just keep in mind the market condition and rising gold prices but also the hard work behind earning a single piece of it. To secure your riches we offer free insurance to all our customers.

These insurance policies cover loss due to fire and allied perils, natural calamities such as earthquake, flood etc. It is inclusive of riots, strikes, theft as snatching, robbery, dacoity, housebreaking or burglary. The jewellery articles are also secure of any damage due to accident, terrorism, loss from above while in transit within India.

However, it excludes loss from falling/ dropping of jewellery or stones from jewellery; loss due to unexplained/ mysterious disappearance; loss sustained while repairing or cleaning; loss of or loss to the jewellery if forgotten or left in an unoccupied vehicle; loss due to willful act, neglect, dishonesty; loss due to wear and tear; loss due to act of government, a public or local authority like confiscation, detention etc.

Jewellery owners are in constant risk of being robbed or losing their hard-earned pieces of jewellery. Hence, it is crucial to shield your riches and save yourself from the crisis.

4 Must Try Designs To Start Your 2020 In The Most Fashionable Way

4 Must Try Designs To Start Your 2020

Parties and fun have finally begun because Christmas and New Year are on their way. Parties are incomplete without proper dressing and you have to flaunt your style in the most exquisite manner. So, we have the best of 2020 jewellery designs that you can wear in New Year. Make everyone go gaga over your style and swishy jewellery piece once you rock it with your modish clothing.

1. Have ravishing look by wearing elegant pendant set

The virtuous and noble designs which are every woman’s favourite are our best selling pieces. You cannot get your eyes from the pendent set which has intricate and byzantine detailing. Start your 2020 in the classiest way by grabbing the rose gold pendant design which is not only our best seller but also one of the most raved one. The earrings with this pendant set have a convoluted design which is perfect to flaunt during the New Year’s party. To outshine your look make sure to carry these earrings in the most unique and extraordinary manner.

Here is a tip to show off your pendant set and make it worthy of everyone’s attention:

You can wear black saree to show off your jewellery Wear a typical black saree with bold makeup and high heels. The normal saree isn’t going to catch everyone’s attention to you. Carry the most gorgeous, charming and pulchritudinous ring from the set. Wear it with your outfit and everyone including children will go crazy over your look. The women will not stop their gossips about your eye-boggling ring and the elegant design of the ring with diamonds studded on it will surely catch everyone’ attention in the party.

2. Wear designer earrings to have an appealing personality

Earrings which are handy and can be worn on any occasion are women’s favourite. This is one of them. With two long strings tied to a leaf shaped design the earrings are subtle, swanky and trendy.

3. Opt for temple necklaces which tells the tale of India’s divine heritage

Another way to make you shine over and above everything is to opt for temple necklace. Gold/diamond pieces of jewellery call out for no or decent makeup and simplistic clothing. So, make sure to go easy on your clothes and go extra on your jewellery. The temple necklace is just the perfect thing to make your look even more fashionable and stylish. The necklace has scriptures of goddess inscribed on it with a hint of pink colour which looks gorgeous. The designs and details on the same look astonishing.

4. Wear evergreen gold necklace to look stunning

Gold jewellery is preferred by our ancestors as well since past so many decades, as it helps in having an elegant personality. One of the best ways to make an impact with your gold jewelry is to choose a statement piece so that all eyes in the party are on your special gold necklace only. You can wear this elegant designed gold necklace which has the power to blow your mind. The shell type design is the one everyone goes gaga for. The best of detailing and designs in the jewellery sets are made at our place. With a wide range of jewellery, we never compromise on quality. The handful and unique designs are captured at our place and this necklace is a clear example of the same.

So, do not forget to glow like a diva in 2020 New Year party and flaunt your beautiful and elegant designed jewellery to all your fellow members. Your party-ready outfit can have the glimpse of the above jewellery and you can become one of the most stylish and fashionable women in the party.

Introducing Virtual Jewellery Try On

As the cases of Covid-19 are intensifying, people are edgy towards stepping out even for basic needs. When it comes to jewellery, it is still seen as a luxury for many. This calls out for a big No-No to go out in the market right now. Keeping in mind, both the seller’s and customers’ point of view, it is essential to assure you of the various shopping options you have, at the comfort of your home. We reckon that your concern of the sanitization of products and your own safety is our responsibility which is why we have brought to you our virtual try-on feature.

Our virtual platform allows users to try on jewelleries with real-time experience.

All you have to do is visit our website, open your camera and voilà! Your virtual jewelleries are right in front of you to feel special.

We have integrated this protocol for customers to see different looks and choose the best from the rest. You get an extensive range of jewellery to try on your neckline without even touching them. What’s better than that?

To wipe away your apprehensiveness, about whether or not the design is suitable for you, you can always take your loved ones’ opinions who might be living overseas.

This real-time experience gives you a trump card to don the dress you want your jewellery to go perfectly with. This feature provides you with the liberty to mix and match according to your attire at your home.

It is evident that this feature is a super hit because you get your hands on absolutely anything and everything you want and pick the best for you and your partner.

At Ratnalaya, we bring the best for you. Your safety with style and an array to choose from, is our responsibility!

The Perfect Gift For Your Perfect Bond

Rakshabandhan is that Indian festival which brings about immense joy and hopes for the sisters to get anything they want from their brothers! The brothers too go out of their way to find the best present for their dearies.

Your bond of protection, obligation and care needs a gift worth expressing the same. Embracing the differences is one thing and the realisation that you cannot do without her is another. All the arguments and fights come to an end when you get into trouble and need their help.

At times, we take this relationship for granted but it is equally important to show how much they mean to you. One of the ways to do that is to buy your sister the best gift from Ratnalaya Jewellers. We understand her needs and your budget. We go out of our way to curate designs which will take her breath away and remind her of how special she is for you. Women of all age groups love jewellery and we respect their choices.

This Raksha Bandhan, give your sister a little something from our ultimate jewellery collection. A strong woman needs a piece of strong jewellery to compliment her personality. We have it in myriad shapes and designs to suit her mood and aura.

From being the one you can always count on to the one who scolds you just to remind you of your mistakes, you know you miss her terribly during this lockdown if she doesn’t live with you anymore.

For your reliable elder sister and your annoying younger sister, we have more than just pieces of jewellery to offer. It is essential to assure you of the various shopping options you have when you shop with us. We reckon that your concern of the sanitization of products and your own safety is our responsibility which is why we have brought to you our virtual try-on feature.

Explore our virtual Try-Onryfeature to choose the best from the best without having doubts about whether or not they will look good on your loved ones.

From pendants to rings to earrings, every item is precious in its own way and an ideal gift for your sister. From traditional to modern to regular wear, we have it all for her.

At Ratnalaya, we not just keep in mind the market condition and rising gold prices but also the hard work behind earning a single piece of it. To secure your riches we offer free insurance to all our customers at the time of purchase.

In the wide range of beauties that we have at our store, there is always something for everyone. When choosing a gift for your best person, go for something that compliments her personality and goes with her favourite hue. Visit our website to explore a wide range of gold, platinum and diamond jewelleries to choose from. To make your Rakhi remarkable this year, gift your loved ones from the best collection with the Ratnalaya assurance.

The Ratnalaya Assurance – An Assurance of Trust

Every jewellery has a thousand stories behind it and each story has a lot of sentiments attached to it. At Ratnalaya, we understand your emotions and the hard work that has been put behind purchasing each of this preciousness.

We want to reassure you that your jewellery is in good hands.

Being a part of the Ratnalaya family is the smartest choice you could ever make and here’s why:

Guarantee of purity:

Respecting the fact that each and every piece of jewellery that you own has a significant place in your heart, we hold a  BIS 916 hallmark on our 22KT gold jewellery and BIS 750 hallmark on our 18KT gold jewellery. It is precious and we know it.

Guarantee of Transparency:

At Ratnalaya, we make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Every piece has a rate tag that holds net weight, gross weight, stone amount and making charges.

Our in-store app lets you go through the same with clarity of a crystal with a promise to maintain complete transparency in billing and invoice. The customers have the liberty to feed the UIN number of the product to know its complete price bifurcation of the product along with the image.

Guarantee of Authenticity:

Our diamonds pass through a series of internal stringent quality tests before getting placed on the jewellery. For further authenticity, we have a quality certification from reputed international laboratories. So go ahead and shop with complete peace of mind.

Zero Deduction Gold Exchange:

We give you full gold value at the prevailing rate without any deduction when you exchange our BIS “ 22KT ” or BIS  “ 18 KT ”  Gold with us.

 Free lifetime Maintenance:

We, at Ratnalaya, believe in providing the best for our customers and make sure their investments with us are not restricted to time. If your jewellery begins to lose its shine and charm over the years, bring it to us. Our store will revive it, free of charge for you! If by any chance, the stones get misplaced, we will put it back for you without any service charge. All you have to pay is the cost of replaced stone.

Seamless Exchange of Your Old Gold:

The gold you own has an importance to you and to us. Therefore we pledge to provide the best exchange value. We make sure the gold is melted and weighed in your presence; purity is analysed using our state-of-the-art karatmeter which is the most precise way of measuring the purity of gold. Hence, transparency is ensured at each step providing the best exchange value for your gold.

The next time you plan to exchange your old gold, visit us for a seamless experience.

Free Jewellery Insurance:

Ratnalaya Jewellers value the sentiments attached with the investments made on these preciousness thus providing ‘Free jewellery insurance’, which is an initiative to provide customers with an experience of buying jewellery without any uncertainties.

Symbol of trust:

We embed our legacy of trust with the crown mark on each jewellery from the house of Ratnalaya.

So rest assured, we have your back!

A moment, 60 years in the making

‘A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you’

Ratnalaya Jewellers has a remarkable heritage of over sixty years. Creating and maintaining this remarkable legacy was not an easy nut to crack, but Keshri family has undoubtedly left an unerasable mark in the hearts and lives of their customers. At Ratnalaya Jewellers, every piece of adornment is handcrafted with passion by the artisan and with a momentous investment of time. The time and the admiration of the artisan towards the craft permeate the jewellery with constructive affirmations and a significance which no machine-made jewellery can match.

Ratnalaya was found in 1960 by the insightful ideation of Late. Jamuna Prasad Keshri. Since 1980, it has achieved astounding milestones under the directorship of the Group’s MD, Mr Nagendra Keshri. His abilities in building long-lasting relationships with the customer and understanding their requirements enabled Ratnalaya to be recognized as an established jewellery brand. In 2014, Saket Keshri took over the guiding path. He worked to professionalize the business set-up by product diversification and innovating retail-formats in the existing legacy business. He believes in maintaining the brand true values to make it a timeless legacy. Ratnalaya is winning the game of trust on the brand legacy built on personal trust, exquisite designs and unmatched quality.

The elements of our successful journey are:

Happy Customers: We give priority to our customer. Fulfilling their needs and desires is our foremost duty. Our USP is the guarantee of purity, transparency, and authenticity of our jewellery pieces.

Ravishing Jewellery Designs: Ratnalaya presents an assortment of ravishing and trendy jewellery designs. The Vanya, Mihika, Umrao, Myra and Almas collection are elegantly designed to add timeless beauty to one’s life.

Apt Technology:

Apt Technology: With time Ratnalaya Jewellers has used technology to enhance one’s shopping experience with the best possible use of technology, there is an in-store app helping the customers explore their wide range of exquisite collection. The website has a virtual try-on feature that allows the users to try on the design with real-time experience. All you have to do visit –, open your camera, and voila, you’re all set to go!

Recently, Ratnalaya Jewellers has made a mark in the remarkable legacy of 60 years; a new store At Kankarbagh is now open for you to explore the best of exquisite designs!